Photo Day: La Camargue

One thing my husband and I have discovered in our many travels together is how differently we can perceive the exact same thing. Such is the spice of life! La Camargue was one of those places for us. Located where the Med meets the Rhone River Delta, this marshy region is hardly the France advertised to the American tourist. When I think of France, I picture the grand streets of Paris, the dramatic Cote d’Azur, castles and gothic churches, old stone farmhouses set in vineyards. For my husband, the grand streets of Paris are… meh. He grew up seeing them, so they don’t awe him the way they do me. And while he appreciates the beauty of the things I’ve listed, they aren’t foreign nor dramatic to him. La Camargue, by contrast, fascinates him. On our visit, he energetically spouted out all he had learned about this region and kept pointing and saying things like, “Wow! Isn’t that amazing?” Much the way I do in Paris. For me, it was a bit… meh. His enthusiasm did rub off on me after a while, at least enough so that I will post these photos. For him. And for those who appreciate things differently than I do.

513 Le Camargue

515 Le Camargue

A home with a large fishing net along the Petit Rhone

A home with a large fishing net along the Petit Rhone

A Guardienne (French Cowgirl) and her herd. This was pretty cool.

A Guardienne (French Cowgirl) and her herd. This was pretty cool.

528 Le Camargue segulls





536 le Camargue

537 le Camargue

Couldn’t resist this one: Our view during dinner in Carry-Le-Rouet, on our way back to Antibes.

Gotta love 'em, those Frenchies in their speedos

Gotta love ’em, those Frenchies in their speedos

By the way, this region produces some amazing salt. It’s a staple in my kitchen:


8 thoughts on “Photo Day: La Camargue

  1. Most every time I go to the Camargue, I am disappointed. I usually have Ste Marie de la Mer as my destination. Yes, the area is beautiful but I also want to find a restaurant where I can get a good lunch. In my experience, they are all terrible.
    I love your pictures. You are obviously taking a different road that I have taken. Perhaps next time, I will bring my favorite ham and cheese and baguette or peanut butter and jelly and then take little roads without any real destination involved. As long as I have a GPS, I will be able to find my way back. Thank you for the incentive to give the Camargue another chance.

    • I agree that packing a lunch is a good call. I’m sure there must be a decent restaurant or two in the region, after all it is France, but I did not happen upon them!

      I’ve found that there is beauty in most any landscape, and that we all have our regions that appeal to us more than others. I often use my home as an example: the southern Arizona desert can be stark and boring to many, but to me, after having seen so much of the world, I find it to be such a beautiful, unique place.

  2. I have that salt in my kitchen!! : ) I like that in la Camargue, you have mountains in the distance, and then you’re in a marsh which borders the sea. Currently living in the south of France, I’m really fascinated by how much people care about “tauromachie” and how the bulls are raised in la Camargue. I have to admit though, I think I do prefer the north of France in general, but the south is culturally quite interesting.

    • Such great salt, isn’t it? I love it. My favorite region is the south of France; I like the more relaxed atmosphere, the scenery, the warm summers šŸ™‚ Every area has its appeal, though, and I have much love for them all! Enjoy living there – I’m jealous!

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