Photo Day: Antibes (Part 2)

One of my favorite things about traveling is meeting people. I approached the summer we spent in Antibes thinking I would probably be at least a decade older than most of the students in the immersion program, and therefore likely to spend a lot of time alone. I brought my laptop and blank notebooks, thinking I’d spend most of the time I wasn’t in school working on my fiction and studying French. Instead, I met some of the most fabulous women (many my age on language vacations) I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. As it goes with traveling, sharing a common experience, we bonded quickly and became fast friends. I have to admit I have many reservations about things like Facebook, and even blogging (it’s so public! I’m so exposed!), but these things have enabled me to stay in touch with these lovely ladies.

Here are some photos from a walk/hike I took around the Cap d’Antibes with one of those dear friends.

Cap d'Antibes

Cap d’Antibes

Looking across the Baie de la garoupe

Looking across the Baie de la garoupe

Walking along the Sentier touristique de tirepoil (tourist path around the cape)

Walking along the Sentier touristique de tirepoil (tourist path around the cape)

Locals use some of these spots to practice diving. Yikes!

Daring locals use some of these spots to practice diving. Yikes! The water is powerful and the rocks precarious. I just took photos.

551 Cap d'Antibes

554 Cap d'Antibes

4 thoughts on “Photo Day: Antibes (Part 2)

  1. Hi I just found your blog while searching for a French school in Colorado–I currently live in Valbonne, France–about 15 min. from Antibes–we are a family from Colorado, have been living in France for 2.5 years and (said while choking back tears) we are moving back to Colorado this summer. We don’t want to leave but what I am really hoping to find is a French speaking community in CO so that my three now bilingual kids, will have some French speaking kids to play with and speak French with! Are you in the south of France now? Want to meet and have a coffee??? Do your kids go to any of the French language schools in the Denver area?

    • Hi April! What a small world, huh? We are not in France right now, otherwise I’d love to grab a cup of coffee. Raincheck for when you are here? We are in Louisville, near Boulder, so we haven’t sent our kids to the language school in Denver. I looked into summer programs at both the language school in Denver and Alliance Francaise, but they both seem to use a lot of English to explain the French – not ideal in my opinion! We’ve found a woman who does classes and story times near us, and is also a tutor, and a few French speaking friends for the kids, so we’re finding ways to piece together French opportunities, but it honestly is not easy to do in Colorado. You really have to work at it! That said, we do run into a fair number of French people, and I know there is a community here. Let me know when you arrive and we can get together!

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