New French Classes in Boulder!

My friend and fellow blogger, Sarah at Bringing up Baby Bilingual, and I will be offering French lessons for the 0-5 age group starting Monday, October 20 at Grandrabbits Play!

So exciting!

Our mutual interest in blogging and raising our children bilingually led me to meet Sarah when I moved to Boulder last year. We’ve been talking for a while about restarting the French story time at the Lafayette library, as well as forming playgroups for French speaking children. In a classic case of right place at the right time, I happened to be at Play! one morning and found out they were hoping to start French classes. Sarah and I put together a proposal and Voila! We’re doing it!

We’re so excited to begin – we have lots of fun activities planned. So for those of you who live around here, Play! is running a promotion this Friday (tomorrow) where if you sign up for our class, you also get a free month of access to their indoor play area. What a great idea as the weather cools and the snow starts to fall!

Hope to see some fellow francophiles there!

9 thoughts on “New French Classes in Boulder!

    • “Yet” – key word! You can get there! My French is not perfect, but I know enough to sing a lot of songs, read books, and lead a class. I’m so excited to begin – I love seeing those little faces light up when they start to understand a new language.

  1. I am so happy for you all. I wish I was close by but in Palmdale, Ca. Wish I could find a french speaking family too. My girls are 10 and 11 years old and I would love to find french speaking frI ends for them. They are Takino private french lessons but it will be lovely to have conversations in french with a friend.

    • Have you looked into meet up groups or library story times? We’ve met some people that way. I also shamelessly approach anyone I hear speaking in French – we met some of our best friends when I saw a girl reading a book in French and struck up a conversation with her! Good luck, there are probably French families somewhere nearby just waiting to make a new friend!

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