French Immersion for Children 0-5 in Boulder, Colorado!

Once again, Sarah of Bringing up Baby Bilingual and I will be offering a French immersion class for preschool-aged children! Our classes are fun, interactive, and immersive. Tuition includes admission to Play! at Grandrabbit’s (a $10 value per class), and sibling discounts are also offered. Come join us for the fun! Sign up here.




4 thoughts on “French Immersion for Children 0-5 in Boulder, Colorado!

  1. I wish there were classes offered like this in Nashville, TN., where my daughter and family lives, they have 4 children (8, 6, 3 and 1 1/2 years old.) I just found your blog and read some back posts. I am one of the older generations who came from Paris on a traveling trip, met my American husband in San Francisco and never taught French to our two daughters because I did not want them to have an accent like mine. Both my daughters are upset because they do not speak French. My daughter, with the 4 grand-children has au-pair, both men and women, but the French ones usually do not last long here because they cannot adapt to the US culture. The others do, so now the kids speak Spanish and Chinese, but not much French. We live 5 hours away, in Atlanta, so I cannot speak French to them on a regular basis.

    • There may be classes like this, or meet up groups of some kind, in Nashville. I know there’s an Alliance Française there, it might be worth it for your daughter to check in with them and see if they teach classes for children. So interesting how times have changed – I know several people my age whose parents made the same decision you did – to not teach them languages other than English in order to allow them to fit in better. For your grandkids, perhaps a regular Skype session in French might help? I’m sure it would be fun for you all to “see” each other and chat!

      Glad you found my blog!

  2. Thank you for linking to my blog. I am in the process of working through around 15 Bookbox videos, which you and your children may be interested in. They are just over six minutes, and I find they help my pronunciation. I’m placing them throughout my year’s format, so just choose the “BookBox” category and you’ll see those I have completed.

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