Beautiful Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in Little Italy


Intimidated by trying to find parking, I’ve never visited this farmer’s market. But my daughter and I were in Little Italy this weekend so we checked it out. It’s huge, maybe even bigger than our usual one in Hillcrest. The views are fabulous:


The music sophisticated:


And they have crêpes. Authentic ones, from Fabrison’s French Crêperie Café, also located in Little Italy. This restaurant has great food, and their crêpes are the real deal: the savory ones are done with buckwheat flour. Hard to find outside of Bretagne, but this is the way a savory crêpe is meant to be. I split a Nutella crêpe with my daughter and chatted with Fabrice, owner of the café, about the challenges of raising kids in a bilingual household (his wife is American) and what we do to try to make sure our kids are learning French.




Here are a couple more photos. Spring is blooming in San Diego!





10 thoughts on “Beautiful Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in Little Italy

  1. Nice:) My friend is marrying a Frenchman (the reason I’ll soon be in France) whose name is also Fabrice. I wonder if that is a popular name. Can’t wait to sample the crepes.

    • Quelle coincidence! Not sure if it’s a popular name or not. What part of France will you be in? Enjoy!

      Edit: I just checked your blog and saw your itinerary. Wow – looks fabulous. I’m jealous! Have a fantastic time!

  2. I think I was there on the same day! I wrote about it also, but a few weeks after the fact. I love the Little Italy’s farmers market, next time I’ll try the crepes. The Hillcrest one is too crowded for me. I’m excited to read the rest of your blog! I took three years of French and, sadly, once I finally got there, I didn’t understand them and they didn’t understand me. Thank goodness English is so widely spoken in France, but I could read signs for sure!

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